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Melanie's Law

MELANIE'S LAW imposed harsh new Massachusetts DUI penalties, especially for refusing breathalyzer tests.

With only 10-15 days to fight them, you must act now to save your license!

The driving while intoxicated law is very complex. Fighting a Massachusetts DUI involves an extremely complicated system of laws. Besides the loss of your driver's license, if you are convicted of operating under the influence (OUI) in Massachusetts, you may face anything from probation and a fine to 5 years in prison. You need to seek the advice of an experienced and aggressive Massachusetts OUI, DUI, DWI lawyer immediately.

I am a criminal defense lawyer who concentrates in operating under the influence cases (OUI / DUI / DWI), a charge which in Massachusetts can now follow you the rest of your life. My practice is limited to fighting DUI penalties in Massachusetts and I have experience doing just this in over 60 Massachusetts Courts.

Due to increasingly complex laws, OUI defense has become a specialty. A lawyer who practices in other legal areas as well is unlikely to be familiar with all Massachusetts drunk driving penalties.