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Failed Field Sobriety Test Wins in Massachusetts

Failed All Field Tests
Not Guilty 2nd Offense

Call Darin:

Darin's Case

Darin just landed a new job that required a license. Plus, his wife was four months pregnant. After his arrest for OUI-2nd, we managed to get two very incriminating statements excluded from evidence at a motion to suppress hearing. At trial, although the officer testified he failed the field sobriety tests, I convinced the judge there was reasonable doubt and he acquitted him.

‘I hired Joe after speaking with him on the phone just once.
When he walked into court, he knew everybody. And I mean everybody.'

More Clients You Can Call
Whose Failed Field Test Cases We Have Won:


JOSE 617-308-7811

Police noticed a parked car facing the wrong way on a one-way street and found client sleeping inside. He took over 3 minutes to find his license, was unsteady on his feet after getting out of the car and failed all roadside tests, including one-leg stand and walk and turn. We convinced the judge that the late hour and very cold weather affected his performance on the balancing tests. The judge agreed there was reasonable doubt and found him not guilty. The judge then immediately allowed our motion to restore his license, overturning his 3-year refusal suspension. Now he's driving legally again and supporting his family.

'Both James and Joe are outstanding attorneys.'

Somerville District Court


DANA 617-792-1012

Client was found sleeping in the car at a green light. He admitted to three drinks, his speech was slurred, and he failed all the roadside tests. On the day of trial, I brought in the heavy, worn-out work boots he wore that night to show the three officers who were testifying, the judge, and everyone else in the courtroom. Not one of the three officers could remember those ridiculously worn-out and heavy work boots until I played the booking video in court, clearly showing them. Not guilty.

'Knows all the angles. Completely professional.'

Plymouth District Court


Mr. Q. 617-391-7437

Joe is the best of many lawyers I've dealt with. Kept me up to date with emails and copies of documents through the entire case. At trial, the officer said I made four traffic violations, my speech was slurred, I was unsteady on my feet, and I failed the one-leg stand, walk and turn, and alphabet tests. The cop who booked me said I had a "strong" odor of alcohol and was swaying. Joe was incredible and turned the tables on both of them. The jury quickly voted not guilty.

'He's the OUI lawyer you want. He saved my life. Call me.'

Waltham District Court


Ms. A. 617-233-6256

After being stopped for running a red light, client had slurred speech, admitted having drinks, had slurred speech, and failed all the roadside tests. We filed a motion challenging some of the evidence but the DA didn't summons the officers involved for the motion to suppress hearing. When the case was called, we brought a motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. The judge allowed the motion and dismissed the OUI charge: No conviction, no license suspension, no 16-week alcohol program, no probation and saved our client about $3000 in fines and fees

'Joe is very knowledgeable, professional and responsive.'

Brighton District Court

If you have taken field sobriety tests and believe you have failed them, your case can still be won.

Most of the time these tests are performed under very difficult conditions:

  • at the side of the road
  • at late hours
  • with police lights flashing
  • cars going by at highway speeds a few feet away

Jurors understand that nervousness is a huge factor. We have won many cases where our clients have failed all of these tests: 9-Step Heel to Toe Walk and Turn test; One Leg Stand Test; Alphabet Test; Backwards Counting test; Finger to Nose test, etc.