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Massachusetts OUI Drugs and OUI-Marijuana Wins

3rd Offense
Thrown Out

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Rick's Case

I admitted to the police that I had taken three drugs. They also had a 45-minute video of a drug expert testing me and they had a lab test showing the same three drugs I admitted to. Joe didn't sugar-coat anything or make any promises, but he saved my life! Before hiring him, I checked with other lawyers and even some detective friends - he is highly respected by his peers. He was an artist in court. First, he won a motion to get all my incriminating statements thrown out because my Miranda form was wrong. Then he was able to get my lab test thrown out. The DA had no evidence left so they dropped all charges.


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BRANDON; 774-994-3136

After an accident, I was arrested for OU I marijuana. At the station, I told police I had been smoking pot right before the crash. Attorney Waldbaum drew up a motion to suppress those statements. In court, he proved I had not been Mirandized properly and the judge through the statements out. At trial, the district attorney told us they couldn't prove the case without those statements. All charges dismissed.

Boston Municipal Court



NICK; 508-826-9906

I have used a lot of lawyers and most of them did nothing to help me. I read all the stories about attorney Waldbaum on his site so I trusted him. Basically, he's the best lawyer I ever worked with. He emailed me multiple letters analyzing my case and obviously knew what he was doing every step of the way. I was found not guilty after a full trial. I couldn't have asked for more from a lawyer.

Worcester District Court


What You Need to Know About OUI-Drugs

Most people are completely unaware that OUI drugs or OUI marijuana charges are very difficult to prove in court. There is no "litmus test" such as the breathalyzer results used in an OUI alcohol case.

OUI-marijuana in particular is hard to prove since the effects of marijuana typically wear off very quickly. We investigate immediately whether a booking video was made in your case. A booking video is virtually always an OUI-marijuana defendant's best friend. The effects of marijuana usually wear off in 25 minutes or so. Most people have sobered up considerably after they've been handcuffed, arrested, stuffed into the back of a police car, and finally reach the booking counter sometimes 30 minutes later.

When other drug use is alleged, the police must summon a drug recognition evaluator known as a DRE. They must conduct a series of 12 tests which take over 45 minutes. Most police officers are not certified drug recognition evaluators. They have to seek one from outside the department. Most of the time they are simply not available. Even when available, they often don't get there for two hours or more. By that time the effects of the drugs may very well have worn off. We have won many cases where our clients have been charged with OUI-marijuana or OUI-drugs.