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OUI Motorcycle Wins in Massachusetts

Illegal Arrest
Due to
Extraterritorial Pursuit

Call Nick:

Nick's Case

Joe chased every lead and paid attention to every detail. He won a motion to suppress the stop of my motorcycle because the cop followed me illegally from Cambridge into Somerville. Because of that, my 3rd offense was dismissed. Then he won another motion to restore my license and I got my license back the next day! I can't thank him enough.

'I'm on my motorcycle again because I chose the right attorney.
Instead of 6 months in jail and 13 years with no license.'

Cambridge District Court

Here are some examples:


GREG 401-573-0052
Two detectives found me after I fell off my motorcycle. A third cop arrived and all three said there was an odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot and glassy eyes, and that I was unsteady on my feet. Joe fought hard to get the booking video which helped my case immensely. Then, after I was acquitted, he convinced one of the toughest judges in Massachusetts to immediately restore my license.

Lowell District Court




After our client was arrested for a second-offense drunk driving charge while riding his motorcycle, I convinced the jury that operating a two-wheel vehicle requires a finer sense of balance than operating a four-wheel automobile. Also, getting off of a motorcycle requires raising one leg up very high, which he was able to do without any difficulty or unsteadiness. Essentially, he performed a very difficult one leg stand test perfectly. When the cop testified he had him walk an imaginary line, I then asked the officer, "How wide was that imaginary line?" As he stammered trying to answer, the jury got the point. They deliberated only 15 minutes and then came back with a not guilty.

Ipswich District Court at
Newburyport District Court